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Who We Are

BSM Sober Homes is a men’s and women’s residential housing organization that serves its residents with faith-based support on their recovery journey, and focuses on healing the body, spirit, and mind.  We serve as the transitional piece between rehabilitation programs and mainstream society, providing each individual a safe, supervised, and encouraging environment.

Why BSM?

Nurturing the body, spirit, and mind is crucial for holistic healing and long-term success. Physical health restoration and adequate rest aids in repair and promotes overall well-being and resilience.

Cultivating spiritual practices and mindfulness can provide a sense of purpose, inner strength, and peace, crucial for navigating the challenges of recovery.

Prioritizing mental health through therapy, support groups, and self-care activities fosters emotional stability, coping mechanisms, and self-awareness, essential for addressing underlying issues contributing to dependency.

By nurturing all aspects individuals in recovery build a strong foundation for sustainable sobriety, promoting personal growth, fulfillment, and a renewed zest for life.

Embracing a balanced lifestyle that nourishes the body, spirit, and mind reduces the risk of relapse and empowers individuals to thrive in their journey towards lasting recovery.

Program Rules

Sober living environments have some basic rules to ensure everyone’s top priority is recovery. A sober house isn’t as strict as a residential treatment center, but guidelines help keep everyone sober, safe and healthy. These rules aren’t meant to make your life hard but to maintain a comfortable and drug and alcohol-free environment for everyone.

Some sober house rules include:

  • No drug and alcohol use by residents or their guests.
  • Residents agree to random drug tests or other tests confirming their non-using status.
  • Many sober houses require you to abide by a curfew and get permission for overnight stays outside the house.
  • Violence, personal threats and offensive language are prohibited.
  • Personal items, certain medications and clothing promoting drug use are not permitted.
  • Residents must attend 12-step or group support meetings of some kind.
  • Intimate relationships between residents are not permitted.
  • Participation in mandatory house meetings is required.
  • Residents are presented with a written agreement that sets out the rules and regulations of the sober house.

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